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Meet Patrick Phillips-
Your Ally in Healing

From my previous career as a physician to my current role as a counsellor, my life experiences coupled with spiritual practise have shaped my profound understanding of resilience and healing. Through prosecution, media smear campaigns, the loss of my medical license and bankruptcy I was faced with intense pain, loss, anger and deep resentment. I would sit for hours in the pain praying for release. My answer came in the form of the Gospels and A Course in Miracles, a course on forgiveness that allowed me to experience a peace inside me that outweighed any outcome I could hope for. It was an intense gratitude and bliss you can't put into words but I miraculously was able to sincerely thank my previous enemies who prosecuted me because what they did brought me to the peace inside. I then stopped caring about a medical license. That was my miracle. And this is what I want to share with others.

I aim to be more than a counselor - rather an ally in the journey of healing. The course teaches that we are all one mind and "when I am healed, I am not healed alone:. Your healing makes the world a better place because we are all one. Explore our services and let's see how I can be of service to you on your path towards healing and the peace that cannot be taken away. 


My Philosophy

I know deep down that we are spiritual beings who are dreaming up a world that unfortunately can only disappoint and can never fully meet our needs. The good news is that everything you ever wanted (bliss, peace, forgiveness, unconditional love, unity with others) is sitting right within your own mind. It's only our blocks, grievances, attachments, misperceptions that keep us in a miserable world. If we bring them to the light of awareness, the Holy Spirit/your Higher Self can then give you the transformed perspective that sets you free through forgiveness.

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